The ministry’s vision is for each member of Stonybrook to be an active participant in one or more Christian Life Groups.


Participation in a Christian Life Group (CLG) will facilitate spiritual formation by helping people develop their individual witness in a supportive environment of Christian community.

Coordinator Role

The Coordinator for Christian Life Groups Ministry will be responsible for increasing awareness within Stonybrook of Christian Life Groups as well as developing in Stonybrook members and staff an appreciation of the benefits of CLG participation.  The Coordinator will ensure that CLG leaders are trained and will support leaders in the fulfillment of their duties.


Congratulations on your interest in starting a Christian Life Group.  As you begin to think about what kind of group you want to be part of, it is important for you to remember that you are not alone.  Stonybrook has a Christian Life Groups Ministry, headed by a Coordinator.  The ministry will be your partner.

The following is a checklist of critical points as you begin your journey.

I.   Name it and Claim it

This may be thought of as your marketing effort.  Come up with a name for your group and then write a few sentences that describe the focus or purpose of the group.  Send this information to   All groups will appear in the CLG Directory.

II.  Get training

The CLG Ministry offers training for group leaders.  The training is not a prerequisite for startup, but you will find that things flow smoother and with less stress if you take advantage of the training as early as possible.

III.  Complete room reservation form

If you intend to meet at the church, you will have to reserve a room.  The form is available from the church office.  You may, of course, meet anywhere that is agreeable to the group members.

IV.  Report membership and attendance

Please report you group membership to  After each meeting send an email to this address reporting those who were in attendance.  Once you have submitted a list of members, you may report those not in attendance (usually a much shorter list).  We do this for several reasons.

  • It’s how we keep track of how the ministry is doing.

  • It helps to satisfy some spiritual formation objectives of interest to the church and the Annual Conference.