SUMC Life Groups Logo

This seems like a long name for what used to be known as small groups.

There is a lot of meaning to be mined from the name.  Before we look at that, though, just be aware that these groups serve two very important purposes for you.

  • these groups are how your life is injected into Stonybrook.
  • these groups are one of the best ways to bring Stonybrook into your life.

"Group" is a description of the way these things work.  Not individuals, not more vs less important, not "you" or "they", just us.  Groups of 8 (plus or minus 2) people with a common purpose.

"Life Group" is to indicate that the group will adapt to life in the world (your world) as well as help you, as a member, to adapt.

"Christian Life" gives evidence that there may be a difference between life in general and the life of a Christian.  These groups will be navigating the Christian Life path while keeping a firm grip on other life paths such as family, work, community, etc.

The Christian Life Group will become an indispensable part of your life as a core community that can be relied on for encouragement, support, understanding and love.