Office Assistance

At times there is a need for temporary help with office projects.  Most of these are not routine weekly needs.  The staff would notify any willing servant as the need arose in the following opportunities: Data Entry, Mail Stuffing, Bulletin Stuffing (Fridays, weekly), Advertising, Public Relations, and Editing/Writing.

Facility Upkeep

Carpentry, Electrical, Landscape, Painting, Plumbing, Interior Design

Communion Stewards and Servers 

Communion is served monthly at Stonybrook.  Individuals who are comfortable speaking to those
receiving communion are needed for each service. 

Stewards prepare the trays while servers provide the elements during service.

Technology & Media


Technology is everywhere.  Stonybrook is making use of technology to communicate the love of God to a wider community in such a way that we can better disciple the community in which we live, and you can help with the following: PC & Network Maintenance, Telecommunications, Website, Geek Squad, Social Media


In all areas of life media is a vital part of worship and events at Stonybrook.  Individuals who have experience and expertise in this area will find a variety of opportunities to serve.  The use of all types of media enhances our worship experience. The following opportunities are available: Field Videographer, Lighting Engineer, Graphics Operator, Photographer, and Illustrator. 

Office and Technology INFO FORM

If you are interested in serving with the office and technology ministries and would like more information about serving, please fill out the form below. 

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